Monday, November 9, 2009

A lesson learned, with a little humor

Well this evening I noticed that someone in our family opened up a snack and took 1 bite of it and then put it in the trash can. I saw it and I asked the boys who wasted the snack. I already knew it was Joshua, so I wanted to see if he would fess up. So both boys were going back and fourth saying, " no he did it!" then Parker tells me " Mom, I think it was magic" I about busted up laughing. So I turned my back and put my hand over my mouth to not let the boys see me laughing. So when I finally got my self under control I turned around and said, " Okay both of you need to sit out in time out until one of you tell the truth". So I put them in time out in 2 different locations and waited for someone (meaning Joshua) to tell the truth.
Well while this was all happening Ethan was wondering where the boys went. Well he heard Joshua behind the laundry room door. And then Joshua was putting his fingers at the bottom of the door. So Ethan thought that was so funny. They both were playing with each others fingers through the door giggling.
After all said and done....... Joshua came out and told the truth. So at least I got what I wanted. A lesson to be learned about honesty. And who cares if timeout was a fun experience.