Monday, October 25, 2010


7 years ago I married my best friend! I can't believe it's been 7 years! It seems so much longer ( in a good way) Nate and I both feel that we have known each other forever. In 7 years we have done so much! We have a successful business, moved 6 times, been through good times and bad, and have brought 3 special little boys into this world. Nate is gone ALOT for work and in ways it's good for our marriage cause when we are together we really appreciate our time together. We make a really good team. Since we started to date we have always worked with each other. Nothing has changed and we still make a good team. I love Nate with all my heart and know we were always meant for each other. Some of the things I love about him are:

1. He will send me text/e-mails or even calls and just wanted to tell me he loves me. He does this almost everyday.
2. He is always supportive in my dreams and things I want to accomplish.
3. He can handle lots of stress very well
4. He still will come up behind me and put his arm's around me when I am cooking dinner or doing the dishes.
5. He has learned to like my music and will sing and dance with me in the car
6. He still surprises me with fun dates
7. He always kisses me good bye
8. He tells me he is proud of me
9. He has learned how to become very thrifty over the years and has surprised me with the deals he gets on things
10. He is the dad to my boys!!!!!
I look forward to Eternity with him and my boys!! Happy Anniversary to us!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall 2010

Fall is here! Halloween is right around the corner and we are LOVING IT!!!! We went to a pumpkin patch with family and picked out our pumpkins! I am so excited for all the next few months and all the holiday's approaching us!