Monday, July 19, 2010

Our family vacation 2010

Where do I even start? I have over 500 pictures and I can only choose a few to put on here. We went to New Port OR. This year for our vacation. We rented out a beach house that was literally right on the beach. The kids have never been to the beach, so they were shocked when they saw how big it was. They were also amazed about the waves. We went on hikes to waterfalls, we went to the Spruce Goose, went to a marine museum and touched star fish and saw lots of undersea creatures, we built sand castles, went to the pool, went to the 2nd oldest light house in OR. We went to the Tillamock cheese factory. The highlight of the week was when we went whale watching. We went on a big boat (my kids were sure it was a pirate boat) in the middle of the sea and saw whales. It was AMAZING!!! Although I got sick half way through it, it was still a great experience. We also went to a theme park called "Enchanted Forrest" It had lots of rides and fun things to do there. We enjoyed being there together as a family and not having the stresses of life pop into our heads for that week. I love building the memories with my kids and look forward to more vacations in the future!