Friday, August 22, 2008

Parker and Joshua

Blaylock Family

Yes, I finally created a blog Kelly and Teri!

Thanks to Kelly and Teri I finally sat down a made a blog. I knew I needed to make one soon, so I could share pictures of our family and our new little baby boy coming. Hopefully I can figure this all out and make my blog as cute as Kelly and Teri's.

What's new In the Blaylock house hold? Well first thing that comes to my mind is WHEN IS ETHAN COMING? Nate and I are so very excited to welcome into our arms or 3rd son. We are so thankful to be able to be parents of 3 boys.

Parker Starts pre-school Sept. 3 and is very excited to be going with Mason. Parker loves to be involved in lots of activites.

Joshua is getting as much time with daddy as possible before the new baby comes. Joshua is a daddy's boy. We are expecting a rough transition with him and his new little brother. We know joshua will like the baby... but fighting for dad's attention is going to rough for him.