Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ethan.... you gota love him, but do I have to like him?

Ethan is ALWAYS up to something. I can't leave him alone for 1 sec. He can be an angel 1 sec ( when he is asleep) and the next min. he is doing something bad. As you can see, he feel asleep the other night with his toy in his hand. ( I know pretty cute). Then the next morning after he got up he destroyed my bathroom. I love this little boy so much. I am however looking forward to him growing out of this stage.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas break 2009!

Christmas break in Utah was so fun. We stayed with Nate's family in Ogden. We went sledding several times, to the movies, bowling, we went to the gateway mall, temple square and much more. Nate and I went to Salt Lake and met up with my sister Kelly and her husband and 2 of her older kids and we saw savior of the world. It was so good. I enjoyed it. I actually learned a lot.Now it's time to go back to the "real world" and kids go back to school, Nate goes back to work. It was a great Christmas break.