Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Nate

Happy Birthday to Nate!
Nate would have turned 34 on January 27, 2012
Although his life was cut short, we as family, friends, co-workers gave him
a wonderful birthday. The day was filled with love, tears, and happiness.
Words can't express how grateful I am for Nate and everything he has given me.
He has touched my life and our children’s life's forever. It's very obvious how he has touched so
many others as well. I have great friends and family that continue to keep blessing
our family with love and support. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate my sweet husband and best friend Nate


 The balloons in the air with messages on each of them from everyone!
Happy Birthday Sweet Nate!

  for Nate- Red,white and blue  

Sweet Sarah and me

My friend Sara(Nate's co-worker) and her husband 

My best friend Marni

Nate's friend/boss John- He worked and traveled with Nate and Spent a lot of
his time with him.

The Blaylock family

My KLIM girlfriends

More of my friends

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Meet the Allinen Family

Here is a photo of my dear friends, James and Janie Allinen. James to the right was with Nate in the dune buggy when the accident happened. James has suffered severe injuries and is now on the road to recovery. His family has impacted our life’s and my heart aches for them. James and his wife and family have been a pillar of strength and have shown such love and compassion for me and my kids. They love Nate and have made a huge impact in our life’s. I pray that Nate will bless this sweet couple with comfort and let them feel the love Nate and I have for them. Thank you, Allinen Family for showing true compassion and concern for us. To James, Thank you for giving Nate a huge smile before he was taken from us