Monday, September 12, 2011

Grace gets blessed

Grace was blessed Aug. 10,2011. She was being held by Nate and blessed by her grandpa Blaylock and our bishop and her Uncle Chris. Nate had his hands on her head and I know when Nate's dad was giving her the blessing Nate's spirit was telling his dad what to say. The words of the blessing were coming straight from Nate but spoken by her grandpa. I am so grateful Nate was able to be there for his daughters blessing. We blessed her on Nate's lap in the hospital. Nate was still with us and we all felt him very strong in that room. Here is a picture that I have of my hand holding Nate's hand on her head during the blessing.


Monday, September 5, 2011


Why did Nate have to leave a wife and 4 kids and return to our Heavenly Father?
Why did he have to leave his 5 week old new baby girl?
Why did he have to leave 3 little boys who think the world of him?
Why did he have to leave a wife who thought he could do everything and anything?
Why did he leave me to all of our responsibilities?
Why did he leave a place we called our home?
Why did he leave me to tackle all the unknowns that are to come?
Why did he leave me to answer all the heartbreaking questions that are to come my way with his 4 children?
Why did he leave before he was able to see his boys get the priesthood and go off on to missions?
Why did he leave before dancing with his little girl on her wedding day?
Why did he leave me alone in bed every night?

I have only one answer.. It's because it's Gods plan.
I know he will be here in spirit to all of these things I have listed above. I know Nate would not miss out on any of theses important events to come.
The last few weeks have been something I would never wish upon anyone. My worst fear of loosing my husband has happened. I know we have a long road ahead of us, but with courage and strength, I know Nate will lead our family back to him. What a wonderful day that will be to wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him again. I know our family is forever.
I have no choice but to Succeed with the 4 special gifts Nate gave to me. I hope I can make him proud. And I just have to keep reminding my self when I am having a hard day that this is god's plan.