Sunday, October 14, 2012

New York!!!!!!!!!

David and I went to New York this last weekend. It was one of the best few days of my life. We were all over the place. We went to Time Square,Central Park, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty and our favorite was going to see a Broadway Show and saw Mary Poppins! We had a great time.

Central Park!

 Me pointing to the sign that said I had finally got to Central Park!!!!
 Riding the subway for the first time
 Time Square with Sweet David!!!!

 At the 9/11 memorial Park
 In front of the Statue of Liberty
 Time Square again!
 Sharing a New York hot dog!


Me  "holding" the statue of liberty in the palm of my hands
Mary Poppins on Broadway! What an amazing show!
On our way home on the plane! I was exausted

Friday, October 5, 2012

David and Holly Dickson fall in love....

My heart is whole once again..... David and I feel in love this summer and were married August 15,2012 Between the two of us we have 6 kids! I can't believe it. I am so head over heals in love with this man. He loves me and protects me and takes such good care of me and the kids. I know my situation of being a single mom with 4 kids and a widow is not an easy situation to take on and let me say..... he is amazing. He shows such true compassion and love for Nate and wipes away my tears when I miss Nate.David is a dream come true and I am so blessed and I know my Heavenly Father loves me and still has an amazing life planned for me. I will post more pictures as soon as I get them back from the photographer. I can't stop smiling and I am in pure bliss. Life is great! Meet my sweet husband David Dickson! Oh,my name is Holly Dickson now! :)