Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. I have realized that each year as my kids get older, I get more and more excited for Christmas morning. Nate has 2 weeks off and were enjoying every minuet of it. Were realaxing, spending lots of time with the kids and family. We will hit the dollar movie theaters a couple of times, go sledding etc. Later this week we wil be in Utah visiting Nate's family. So there will be more pictures to come. Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mr. Trouble!!!!

This is for Papa Blaylock! This is proof!!!!!! Ethan is ALWAYS IN TROUBLE. Nate left the fridge door open for 1 sec and we looked back and Ethan had grabbed a bottle of ranch dressing a dumped it all over his head and all of the kitchen floor. As we tried to clean up the mess Nate took Ethan into the bathroom to give him a bath. As we gave him a bath he got out of the tub and grabbed the role of toilet paper and threw it in the toilet. ( sorry don't have pictures) This kids keeps me on my toes! I am so grateful to report that he is in bed and he can't get into anymore trouble for the next 8 hours. (unless he takes his diaper off in the middle of the night)lol


Should Nate be worried?

Today, Parker surprised me with drawing of Nate and I. So my picture is clearly a girl in a pink dress. It's what you would expect to see from a 5 year old. Then he showed me Nate's picture and it really scared me. It looked like a monster. So I saved these pictures for Nate and put them side by side and Nate could not help but laugh. Then he started to think about it and said, " Should I be worried about Parker's drawing of me?" Anyways, my kids are always making Nate and I laugh.


Slumber Party!

Last weekend Nate and the boys made a tent on the boys bunk beds. THey had flash lights and books and treats. The boys thought the tent was so cool! What a fun memory for the boys to have with there dad. They are asking when they can do it again.