Friday, October 30, 2009

Dirty dishes and a buffet breakfast!

Okay.... So this morning I am laying in bed and I can hear Parker in the kitchen doing who knows what. I hear lots of dishes being moved around. I was so tired I really did not care. It seemed to go on forever. I kept laying in bed thinking,
"What the heck is he doing?" I put my head under my pillow and tried to fall asleep. FINALLY after 30 min of loud dishes banging together it becomes quiet. But not for long. Parker comes running in my room and says " Mom I have a really really big surprise for you!!!" So I decide to get up cause I know I won't be able to get any sleep. I walk into the kitchen and he opens the dishwasher and he had unloaded the VERY full dishwasher and put all the dishes away. Well...... I was so thrilled until I realized that all those dishes were really dirty, and I for got to turn on the dishwasher last night. So Parker put away all the dirty dishes into the cabinets. I looked at him and he was so excited to show me. I was thinking to myself...." Oh my gosh, there is so many dirty dishes in my cupboards!" But I reached down and gave him a hug and told him thank you for helping me with the dishes. It melted my heart. What a thoughtful thing to do for his mom.
As if that is not enough I look up on the counter and there are 6 boxes of cereal and 6 yogurts sitting on the counter. I asked him what those were for. And he said, " I put out all the cereal we had and all the yogurt we had so you could choose what you wanted for breakfast!"
I could not believe that he made me breakfast too! It's times like these that you are so grateful your a mom! I felt so appreciated this morning, despite the extra work I will need to do this morning by finding all those dirty dishes he put away and washing them. I love Parker!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Carmel Apples

We had "FHE" on thursday night cause Nate is going out of town for a week and won't be here monday. So tonight we made carmel apples. They we soooooo goood. The boys put sprinkels on theres, and Nate and I put Pecans on ours. It was DELISH!


Joshua loves School!

Joshua is loving school and all the crafts and worksheets he gets to work on.


Ethan keep me busy!!!

Ethan keeps me on my toes. He gets into all my stuff. He crawls under my bed and then gets stuck. He crawls into my night stand and gets stuck. He is into EVERYTHING!!!!!! He gets into my trash, pulls things out of the drawers, pulls pots and pans out, climbs into the dishwasher! I'm telling you he is going crazy.... or wait maybe it's me going crazy! I love Ethan no matter how much trouble he gets into!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

6 years together

Nate and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary this last weekend. We went to Midway Utah. We stayed at this place called the Blue Boar Inn. It's a bed and breakfast. We stayed there on our honeymoon 6 years ago. We loved it. I have always wanted to go back. Well after 6 years.... WE DID! We stayed in the same room. ( Jane Austin Room) We left our kids with Nate's family. BIG THANKS TO ALL OF THEM! We also went 4 wheeling together. We had SO much fun! It was a great way to celebrate our 6 years of marriage! Here are lots of pictures and video of this weekend. Photobucket

Parker's new talent

Parker has developed a new talent. We think it's so funny! We are so proud! (just kidding)