Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving this year was great. My family from California and my sister and her family came up from Lehi, Utah. My grandparents came up from St. George as well. Also for Thanksgiving dinner my friend Sandy and her son Dawson joined us. It was nice to have everyone together. While we were all together we also celebrated my grandma and grandpa's birthdays.
My Sister Kelly had the dinner at her home. She lives 1 mile down the street from me. She put alot of work into dinner and had fun crafts for the kids to do. My sister Teri baked the whole time she was here. She is an amazing cook. With both of them together I knew it would be a successful Thanksgiving.


Snow Day!

We got some snow last week and the kids were so excited to go sledding. My neighbor has a little hill in her yard that is perfect for kids to go down. So they played with there friend Brielle. It was a fun day for all!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to my friend Marni

This last year I have become really good friends with my neighbor Marnie. We hang out almost everyday. She is such a sweet person and I really enjoy being friends with her. Well tonight, I suprised her for her birthday and took her out to dinner. Her husband stayed home with her 3 kids and Nate stayed home with ours. So we were able to have a girls night out. I think we talked about everything that we had on our minds. It was a nice change to talk to eachother with out all of our kids talking over us because that's how it is most of the time when we hang out. We enjoyed our dinner and dessert. I wanna wish Marnie a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Monday, November 9, 2009

A lesson learned, with a little humor

Well this evening I noticed that someone in our family opened up a snack and took 1 bite of it and then put it in the trash can. I saw it and I asked the boys who wasted the snack. I already knew it was Joshua, so I wanted to see if he would fess up. So both boys were going back and fourth saying, " no he did it!" then Parker tells me " Mom, I think it was magic" I about busted up laughing. So I turned my back and put my hand over my mouth to not let the boys see me laughing. So when I finally got my self under control I turned around and said, " Okay both of you need to sit out in time out until one of you tell the truth". So I put them in time out in 2 different locations and waited for someone (meaning Joshua) to tell the truth.
Well while this was all happening Ethan was wondering where the boys went. Well he heard Joshua behind the laundry room door. And then Joshua was putting his fingers at the bottom of the door. So Ethan thought that was so funny. They both were playing with each others fingers through the door giggling.
After all said and done....... Joshua came out and told the truth. So at least I got what I wanted. A lesson to be learned about honesty. And who cares if timeout was a fun experience.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

My future missionaries

I thought that Parker and Joshua looked like little missionaries today at church. They are growing up so fast. I was thinking about when they do go on missions that they will be out at the same time at one point. Parker will be at the very end of his and Joshua will be heading out. They will go 4 years with out seeing each other. Kinda makes me sad because they are best buds.... but maybe when there 19 they wont be. lol. Who knows. I look at theses boys and I am filled with happiness.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Splish Splash!!!!

Ethan was taking a bath tonight, and he was screaming with excitment. He has never had so much fun in a bath tub before. I am not forsure why he really enjoyed bath time this time.... but he LOVED IT! Here is a clip of him having a great time!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween this year. As the boys get older they get more competive about how many house they "hit" We brought alog Parker and Joshua's friend Dawson. All the boys were screaming with excitment. And grandpa blaylock was there too. A good time was had by all!


Happy Birthday Joshua!

Joshua turned 4 on Nov. 3. We had a huge party for him on Halloween, and we invited all of his friends to come. It was a great party. Joshua felt very special! ( which he is!) His grandpa Blaylock drove up from Utah to be here for his big day! We are so grateful that grandpa was able to come up. Also grandpa was able to teach Joshua how to ride a bike with not training wheels! It was a very memorable day!