Friday, May 29, 2009

Lemonade Stand!

Today the kids set up a lemonade stand outside our subdivision. It went well. They made $6.00. Thanks to all the people in our ward who saw parker and joshua and came over and bought some lemonade. Parker is a smooth talker and tried to get people to buy more. As every car went by the would wave. It so so cute.


Stowe Family said...

That's pretty dang cute, atleast they are brave enough to put their stand in public. Kelly and I had a lemonade stand when we were little and we were too embarrassed to go in front of the house so we put it in the backyard and sold it to mom and dad.

Caroline said...

oh my goodness thats way to cute i dont know if i can handle it, its priceless.

Amy said...

SUPER CUTE!! I just love your comment on the video, "Good thing we're not going into a profession." I started laughing when you said that.
p.s. When the movie starts, please silence your cell phones. LOL!!