Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Destination Inn

Today Nate came home for his lunch break and took me out to lunch at Red Robin. Then after that he said suprised me and took me to this hotel that use to be a old, old brick building in the 1900's. A couple of years ago they totally remodeled it and made it into a hotel. There rooms have themes to them. I have always wanted to take a tour of it. Well today we did. It was so neat. We brought the kids and enjoyed touring the rooms. The rooms run around $200.00 a night, so I think this is as close as I will ever get to staying there. Thanks Nate!
Oh there is also a picture of Ethan in his high chair that was too cute not to share! This little boy makes me smile every day!


Caroline said...

Ethan just looks so happy! and btw ur hair looks GREAT!

Amy Shillig said...

That hotel looks so nice! How fun to take a tour of such a cool building.