Thursday, December 18, 2008

Big Suprise in the toliet!!!!

So the other day Parker came to me and said that we have a "Big Problem." When he says that it usually means something is really wrong. So he grabbed my hand and said something was stuck in the toliet. As I headed to the bathroom I was starting to prepare my self for the worst. As I looked into the toliet, there was a green Dinasaur head stuck in the hole of the toliet, it shocked and scared me a little. I could not believe it.
Parker and Joshua still have not confessed who tried to flush the toy down the toliet. The funny part is, Joshua tried blaming Ethan. So I am starting to believe that Joshua was the one. Who know's if we will ever find out.

Here is a picture of the boys playing in there new Sled and getting ready for Nate to pull them behind the 4 wheeler around the neighborhood. It was -3 that night! COLD!


Caroline said...

hahah thats soooooo funny!!!!!!!!!! Poor Eathan get blamed for it. hahaha

Kelly said...

We should get the kids together sometime to go sledding.