Monday, December 8, 2008


Last night it snowed. The boys were so excited to go play in it. Unfortunely, I did not have snow outfits for both of them. So I went ot the store picked them up some much needed warm snow gear and went home and got them dressed. After about an hour of getting them dressed it was time to go play.
They had a blast. They made snow angels and jumped on the tramp with the snow... and attempted to make a snow man, but they did not have enough snow to make one. (sorry grandpa blaylock)
Then I came out with fruit punch and cups and put snow in the cups and then fruit punch and made a drink. I remember doing that when I was a little girl and I loved making those drinks. The boys had a great time. I think they are going to have fun this winter.


Stowe Family said...

Send some snow our way! Wish we had some, hopefully tomorrow morning we'll wake up to some.

Amy Shillig said...

ooh look at all that snow!! I remember coming over to your house & making those snow slushy drinks together....yummy!