Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa came early for Ethan!

We bought a new toy for ethan for Christmas, but I could not wait to give it to him because he is at the age where he wants to be busy all the time. I could not wait to give him this new toy, so nate set it up and he seemed to like it alot. Its been about a week and he has seems to really enjoy it, except this morning. He wanted nothing to do with it. If I even tried to put him in it he would start screaming. I dont know what his deal was.... but I think he got over it, just in time for me to snap a few good pictures of him.


Stowe Family said...

I love Ethan's eyelashes in that first picture.

Amy Shillig said...

He's such a cutie! Those jumper things are supposed to be tons of fun but he doesn't look like he's diggin it so much in hat last :)