Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday to sweet Grace!

Happy Birthday to Our sweet baby Grace!
Grace turned 1 on July 10, 2012
What a year we have had. Not exactly how I planned this last year to go. I remember when I was in labor with Grace Nate was sooooo excited to finally see her. He kept asking me, "hurry and get her out!" He was so happy to finally wrap his arms around this little baby girl. Even though he only had a few weeks with her, their bond was very strong. I know Nate is close by and is watching her grow up. I just wish I could see it in person. The birthday was held up by Nate at the cemetery. I invited our closest friends and family to be there. We had cupcakes and we sang happy birthday to her. It was a very sweet tender moment sitting up by Nate and celebrating the life of our daughter Grace.



Natasha said...

I remember meeting your family through this blog through Teri nearly a year ago. Your Grace has grown so much! She is beautiful. Thank you for continuing to share your faith and testimony.

Nate, Holly, Parker, Joshua, Ethan and Grace said...

Thank you Natasha! Nice to meet you too!