Monday, September 12, 2011

Grace gets blessed

Grace was blessed Aug. 10,2011. She was being held by Nate and blessed by her grandpa Blaylock and our bishop and her Uncle Chris. Nate had his hands on her head and I know when Nate's dad was giving her the blessing Nate's spirit was telling his dad what to say. The words of the blessing were coming straight from Nate but spoken by her grandpa. I am so grateful Nate was able to be there for his daughters blessing. We blessed her on Nate's lap in the hospital. Nate was still with us and we all felt him very strong in that room. Here is a picture that I have of my hand holding Nate's hand on her head during the blessing.



Amber Wray said...

Holly- Thank you for ahring this beautiful picture and moment. Thank you for sharing your testimony. How special to have Nate's spirit so close and be able to bless her before he passed away. You are amazing! Your kids are amazing! Your little daughter is beautiful! Still praying for you and your precious family!

Caroline said...

Always making me cry. This is so spiritual. I love you.