Saturday, May 28, 2011

More family camping 2011!

We went camping AGAIN this weekend! We are LOVING camping and look forward to more trips! We stayed 3 nights and went on hikes, bike rides, watch movies, play games, go on night adventure hikes with the kids and the highlight of this trip was going fishing! We bought the kids fishing poles and went fishing. We were literally camped right on the river. When we were setting up camp we saw a moose that was like 100 ft from our camp. The kids thought that was great! And of corse we saw a ton on other animals as well. Camping with my 3 little boys and Nate is always an adventure and we build lots and lots of memories, which is what is important to us. //1


Kurt+Amy said...

Awesome camping photos! Those boys are such lucky kids you guys are awesome parents. Fun adventures.

Sandy said...

How come you are wearing coats? ha ha ha Love your pictures!!!! I'm glad someone in that family likes marshmellos! Love you guys!