Thursday, May 19, 2011

Apartment Yard makeover

So, last weekend we did a complete yard make over at one of our apartment buildings. I have wanted for years to re-do the 80's looking yard and update it with new plants and trees. We ripped out all the trees and bushes and planted all new plants and curbed it and put down bark. It looks sooooo much better. I can only imagine how much better it will look once the plants get bigger and get their color. I bought plants that will be purple, red,orange,green,plants with white flowers. It looks kind of bare right now, cause all the plants are so small and have no color but give it a year or so and it will look like a million bucks! The tenants would complain that the bushes would cover the windows and when it would snow Nate and I would have to drive over in a blizzard and knock all the snow of the trees so they would not break and fall over. The tree's also covered up the 4 different addresses and it was difficult for the tenants to tell people how to get to their apartment. So, it was time to take care of all of this and re-landscape the yard. It took all day Friday and Saturday and it was a TON of work. Next on the list is to paint the building and put up shutters. The inside of this particular building we have already re-modeled. So now it's on to the outside. Here are some pictures!


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