Monday, June 29, 2009

1 down- 11 to go!!!

This last friday Nate took work off and I left my kids with my mother law,and Nate and I re-modeled one of our apartments bathrooms. Now, all of our aparmtents have been totally updated and remodeled/ EXCPET THE BATHROOMS! We have been not looking forward to do that. But Friday Nate and I put on our game faces and we did it. We put in a new shower and tub surround. ( there was that nasty 60's tile up) got rid of the old pink toliet. Got rid of the pink sink and put a new sink in. New paint, new flooring, new light fixture. It was alot of work, but it is rewarding to look over the pictures and see how much better everything looks. We have not put up the trim around the new shower surround. ( we will be doing that tonight)besides that were done with that 1 bathroom and have 11 more to do. We have a new tenant moving in tommorw. We were able to raise the rent over $50.00 because of the updated bathroom. I am sore and exausted... but so glad were done with that bathroom!
There is also a picture of Joshua trying to put on Nate's shoes. I thought it was so cute. He wants to be just like his dad! I don't blame him.... !


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Amy said...

It looks awesome! You guys are so dang talented! You should have your own home improvement show. :)