Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Sweet boy Joshua

Today we celebrated Joshua's 6Th Birthday. Joshua was born on Nov. 3, 2005. From day 1 he was our kind hearted soft spoken loving little boy. Nate and I love Joshua and are so happy he came to us. Joshua is a strong little boy and he is dealing with strong emotions with loosing Nate. I know he tries hard to be happy, but I can tell he is constantly thinking about his Dad. My prayers are that my kids can find happiness and can find comfort eventually. It breaks my heart to see them sad. Today was a good day and Joshua was distracted from our "normal" life. It was great to see a smile from him. Happy Birthday Joshua! Mom and daddy love you!!!



Elisa said...

Joshua is such a sweet boy. He so lucky to have you as a mom, Holly!

Teri said...

Happy Birthday Joshua!

The High Family- said...

You don't know me. I know of your sweet family from a friend. I'm just a mom with 3 little boys and a sweet girl, like you. My heart aches for you, and your beautiful kids. Please know you have people praying for you that don't even know you. I want you to know how impressed I am by your strength, love and ability to see our Father's plan in a truly difficult time. Much love, Ashley.