Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011!

Easter 2011 was a hit this year. We hosted the Easter activities at our house and had all of Nate's family come up. Not only did we celebrate Easter but we also celebrated lots of birthdays that we have in the Blaylock family.. including mine! We had 1 big birthday cake and then we exchanged gifts. Saturday we woke up early to go to a huge Easter egg hunt! The kids had a BLAST! Ethan freaked out with all the noise and decided to cry and throw a fit. He did not end up with any candy or eggs. Parker and Joshua made up for the lack of eggs Ethan did not get. After we got home Nate pulled up our rocket launcher he made, and my kitchen turned into a rocket making factory! The whole family made rockets. Once we were done shooting rockets we took them outside and launched them. The rockets went over a hundred feet into the air and across the houses in my neighborhood! IT WAS A BLAST! After rockets we had our own Easter egg hunt in our back yard.
Later that night we had a huge Easter dinner and hung out together. The next morning we woke up to the boys finding their Easter baskets on the fire place.Even little Grace got a basket with a pink bunny rabbit! After playing with all their new little toys that were in the baskets we went to church and enjoyed a nice Easter program.
We had a great weekend with family and we love making theses fun memories with our kids! HAPPY EASTER!!



Caroline said...

sooooo cute! Love the song too!
Also on you header it will soon need to say, Nate, Holly, Parker, Joshua, Ethan............Grace =)

Teri said...

Looks fun Holly, i love your zebra pregnant belly:)