Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial day 2010

Our family headed down to Utah to spend the weekend with the Blaylock's. While we were down there my sister Caroline came up and we spent sunday together. It was so great to see her. On monday we went to a stocked pond and went fishing! Oh... HOW EXCITING IT WAS! It was probably one of the most enjoyable few hours I have spent with my kids. My nephew Benjamin was there, and with my 3 boys and him... we were very busy catching fish. There was so much excitment it was so fun to watch the kids. We will defintely be back for more fishing.



Stowe Family said...

That looks so fun, I bet your boys had a blast. You look awesome! I need to blow up a picture of you and place it on the front of my tredmill! You are my inspiration to get this baby weight off!

Kelly said...

Looks like a lot of fun! It's always fun when the kids actually catch fish!

Kurt+Amy said...

HOW FUN, that's something I really want to do with our kids in an actual area where we'll catch some. We did it a little in Huntington but didn't catch any.