Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ethan.... you gota love him, but do I have to like him?

Ethan is ALWAYS up to something. I can't leave him alone for 1 sec. He can be an angel 1 sec ( when he is asleep) and the next min. he is doing something bad. As you can see, he feel asleep the other night with his toy in his hand. ( I know pretty cute). Then the next morning after he got up he destroyed my bathroom. I love this little boy so much. I am however looking forward to him growing out of this stage.



Stowe Family said...

Either I'm getting old or the print on your blog is really small, I can't read what you wrote on this post. The pictures of Ethan sure are cute though!

John + Eliza McKeon said...

Holls, it's true. The print is so tiny on your blog! I love your adorable family! You guys are so stinkin' cute. So, we have a blog now--
love you!

Kurt+Amy said...

CUTE little guy! This post is too funny. So I check your blog pretty much everyday and I have to say....I need some new posts to look at! :) love you. -xo-