Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Soccer Mom

Parker and Joshua. They are on the same team!

Parker showing off his skills!

I have a feeling Parker is going to be good at soccer!

Look at Joshua Go!
Joshua is doing so good!

It's official! I am a soccer mom. Joshua and Parker started soccer last week. They are loving it!!!! Joshua made a goal today. Parker made 2 last week. I am really shocked that Joshua is actually playing. He is REALLY shy and I was for sure he would just sit out. The first game he freaked out and sat in the corner. Second game he was playing and kicking and was doing really well. I WAS SOOOOOOO proud.
Parker has always been competitive. So I knew he would do well. Watching both those boys play together just makes me so happy.
I am one of those moms who is on the bleachers and you just wanna slap them. I can't help but yell ( in a good way) and cheer the boys on. I try to bite my tongue, but I really get into it. It's going to be a great Soccer season! I have realized that I enjoy my kids as they get older and they get to expierence new things.


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Stowe Family said...

That's so great they get to play together. I'm surprised Joshua is doing it, because he is shy!! Maybe this is what he needed to break out of his shell a little. I kinda like shy kids though, so hopefully he'll stay a little timid :)