Friday, July 3, 2009

Water Park here we come!!!!

Today I took Parker and Joshua to the water park. Nate stayed home with Ethan, because Ethan was not feeling too well. The Park has this huge water slide there. And I was so sure that they wanted nothing to do with it. But when I walked in to the park they were going crazy over it. So we walked up the huge flight of stairs and I put them on the slide... expecting them to back down but they did not. The Park has rules that no one can double up. So you either go by your self or not at all. So I ran down to the bottom and got out my video camera and got it all on camera! I was so excited and so proud of them. We had a great time. Photobucket

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Kurt+Amy said...

How fun!! That lifeguard does a good job at being right there for them too. Most places would just say nope their too little so that's sweet that they let you guys go!