Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sweet dreams Parker and Joshua!

Well Parker and Joshua finally get to sleep in there new room tonight. It's taken so long to get this done. We would do a little at a time and finally we finsihed it tonight. The boys have been so excited to sleep in there new beds and new comforters. So tonight we tucked them in and started to read a book to them, and in the middle of me reading they asked if I would leave there room, cause they were so excited to go to sleep. I was a little insulted, but I understood how excited they were.

This is a picture of the boys helping Nate on there bedroom when we first started to frame it.


Caroline said...

such a cute room. they look so shnuggly in the beds.

Amy Shillig said...

That's so cute that they were so excited for their new room! Awesome Job!