Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Journey ends and a lot more begin...

Well this last weekend was a very busy weekend. let me start off by saying I am physically and emotionally drained. We finished the last and final apartment overhall. It has taken almost 4 years to gut, remodel our apartmetns one by one. When we bought them we would get new tenants and remodel that apartment from top to bottem. let me tell you it has not been easy! We finally finsihed the last and final apartment that needed new EVERYTHING. This apartment was not the worst we have done, but it was very draining. It started Friday around 6:00pm. The old tenant FINALLY LEFT. ( by leaving us with no rent for the last 2 months and junk everywhere, and only giving us a 2 day notice that he was leaving) Nate was on his way home from work and on his way home to see what needed to be done. We knew it was going to bad, because of the tennat that was in there. As I opend the door I was overwhelmed. I had all 3 kids with me. I could not let them go there. It smelled so bad. It was so dirty.
About 20 min after getting there Nates parents came up from Utah to help with the kids and help with the aparmtent. Nate and I got on our game faces on and worked until 3:00 am in the morning ripping out carpet, the carpet pad, what was left of the blinds, taking down the ugly light fixtures and getting ready to paint. Nates brother and wife came over around 9:00pm and helped us. So we got the first coat of paint up. This apartment needed everything painted.
We got home around 3:30am we were sore and exausted. We crawled into bed, and were up by 7:00am and headed back over to the apartment. We showed up to the place and there were 4 missionries that live in one of our units there waiting to help us in any way. I was so happy and I felt so blessed.
As we statred working, nates friend and neighbor came over and wanted to help. We were not expecting all this help. We were use to doing it all by our selfs. So there was 4 elders and a neighbor. Then nates brother and wife show up again and started working. I could not believe it. We wre making great progress with the apartment, but we were still along way from being done.
While working my mother in law was watching the boys at my house- what a huge blessing. Thank you Sharrie.
Then Nates dad showed up and started to work. As all this work is going on I was able to get it rented and it was not even close to being done. We rented it out to a couple getting ready to get married in the rexburg temple next month.
That same night nate and I pulled another all nighter.
Sunday morning came we went to church, tired and exausted and alot on our minds. After church we had to go back and finish the apartment. ( we normally dont work on sundays, but the new tennats needed it to be ready by monday morning)
So nate and i headed back over and worked another all nighter.
After all said and done we got it finshed Monday morning at 2:00am
It was alot of work, alot of stress. We are so glad to be done with the last apartment. That journey has ended now lots more to come.
Here are some pictures of the apartment. After 4 years of doing this, i am so greatful that i married someone who knows how to do all this. we make a great team. I know nate is exausted pulling all nighters and then going to work at 6:00 am the next morning. But now we can say were done with a big chapter with our apartments.
Thanks to nates family for coming up and helping us. Thanks to danny for making 6 trips to lowes in 1 day. And thanks for fixing the nasty toliet, i know that was not your favorite part of the day.
In the pictures we have gutted this apartemt. New carpet, new paint, new tile, new light fixtures, we re -grouted the tile in the kitchen and bathroom. new sinks, new shower plumbing. All new appliances. All new doors, blinds. and much more. All I WANT TO DO IS SAY WHEEEEEEEEEW!!!!!! WERE DONE! THANK HEAVENS


Stowe Family said...

You and Nate are hard workers! I wish we lived closer Rich would have loved to help Nate out, he's enjoys doing stuff like that. The apartment looks great. I love the paint color. I'm sure the newlyweds will love it.

Caroline said...

LOOKS SOOOO GOOD! wanna build me a house!!!?

Amy Shillig said...

WOW....that's just amazing!! What a huge difference! It looks awesome and you guys are amazing!