Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Not the dentist!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I took the boys to the dentist the other day and It was an adventure. Parker did well. He was a little nervous, but then he calmed down quickly. On the other hand Joshua wanted nothing to do with the dentist. In fact, he bit the dentist finger. He screamed so loud and would not sit in the seat. Well... after all the work I tried to get him to settle down, the dentist said that we can bring him back another day.
Parker ended up with 2 cavaties. He goes in in 2 weeks to get them filled. Hopefully it all goes well.


Caroline said...

haha poor Joshua he looks so scared. He is confused on what is going on! poor poor kid

Stowe Family said...

Poor Joshua! I'm glad Parker did well. I hope he is good for the dentist when he gets his cavities filled. My kids get so scared when the drill comes out, so I always have to pay to have them sedated. It's not cheap either!! I even told Brooklyn I would buy her a barbie if she would sit still, that didnt work either. Buying a barbie is way cheaper then paying $250.00 to have them put to sleep!

Shera said...

Who screamed, the dentist or Joshua? Too funny!!!